About Us

On an annual basis John Donnelly & Associates engages hundreds of thousands of consumers directly through a series of live events designed to engineer positive brand experiences for corporate sponsors and partners.

With operational experience producing large-scale entertainment productions for many thousands of people, Donnelly has a proven track record of delivering successful properties to market, which exceed the expectations of consumers, sponsors, and partners.

Whether its producing one-of-a-kind branded live experiences, elegant gala events or huge stadium events, such as the Opening & Closing Ceremonies for the World Police & Fire Games, or producing huge rock festivals such as JunoFest, FoxFest, Canada Day, Saskatchewan and Alberta Centennial Celebrations, John Donnelly & Associates bring drive, passion and work-smart determination to each and every project.

JD&A events range from high profile world-class, entertainment events with choreographed performances and large-scale spectacular production to national and regional music festivals, civic and cultural celebrations to street parties featuring bands and DJs.

The company has recently produced 15 major events for City of Surrey, four highly successful street parties in downtown Vancouver, the 2009 World Police & Fire Games Ceremonies, and operating three well-regarded venues during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games.

John Donnelly & Associates has been recognized as an industry leader, receiving numerous awards for the various projects they have worked on over the years. Company highlights have included Surrey Fusion Festival being named Best Festival by the prestigious international Gala Award, a BC Event Award for Best Public Entertainment for the production of the Surrey 2010 Celebration Site, and a Nesika Award for contributions in promoting multiculturalism in British Columbia. JD&A also won three awards on the local, national and international levels for creating and producing the Opening Ceremonies of the 2009 World Police & Fire Games. Awards include: BC Event Award - Best Entertainment Production, National Star Award – Best Entertainment Production and the prestigious international Gala Award – Most Outstanding Spectacle Event of 2009.